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Academic report: direct application of advanced mathematics in Mathematical Research


Topic: direct application of advanced mathematics in Mathematical Research
Reporting time: June 2017 7 (Wednesday) 14:00
Venue: bishop of Shahe, 109
Speaker introduction: Yu Yuanhong, Professor, China Academy of mathematics and Systems Research Institute, mainly engaged in ordinary differential equations, differential equations, functional differential equations and biological dynamical system stability and oscillation of solutions of theoretical and applied research, more than 200 papers published in the core journals at home and abroad, edited 11 volumes. Has presided over 16 times the ordinary differential equation stability meetings, conferences, national power system and the differential equation of the national MMPH Science Society annual meeting, the National Conference and the national functional differential equation differential equation stability and biological dynamic system meeting; presided over the completion of the project of National Natural Science Foundation and the Chinese Academy of sciences fund a total of six projects, was two award of the provincial science and Technology Progress Award and third-prize 4 times each; teaching and research cooperation in the United States, France, Britain and other 16 countries visited, Professor adjunct professor, adjunct professor; and has served as chair of the Central University of Finance and Economics and other 20 universities.