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Central University of Finance and Economics, School of statistics and mathematics, Oriental micro silver network information (Beijing) Co., Ltd. successfully completed the establishment of student social practice (Internship) base agreement signing ceremo


The afternoon of June 16, 2017 14:00, in the conference room of South Campus of statistics and Mathematics Institute, School of Oriental and micro silver network information (Beijing) Co. company representatives at the college students' social practice (Internship) base agreement signing ceremony. I'm Dean Yin Xianjun, Secretary Li Yan, vice president Jia Shanghui and other 6 people from the East and silver micro network information (Beijing) Company general manager Lu Ning, our outstanding alumni Oriental micro silver products department director Wang Yisha, business development director Jiao Jingru, wind control senior manager Li Wei and company staff of the Forum on behalf of pragmatic and efficient 2 people, and the signing of the agreement, college, undergraduate and graduate representatives also attended the meeting, signing ceremony presided over by the Deputy Secretary of Li Quanmin.
The first president Yin Xianjun on behalf of the College of Oriental silver micro network information (Beijing) Limited on behalf of a warm welcome the arrival of a line, and introduced the Central University of Finance and Economics and College of mathematics statistics and the advantages of running, discipline construction and practice base construction etc..
He pointed out that the statistics and Mathematics Institute is the largest number of college faculty in the college, the largest span of discipline is also set up departments in possession of the money, and even complete the postdoctoral training system master station, reasonable teachers and the quality of education, especially in the quantitative analysis has shown a good momentum of development. All walks of life, including colleges and universities themselves, have paid more and more attention to the combination of production, research and production. The college hopes to combine academic research results with social needs, to tap the content of academic research from social needs, and also to create practical internship opportunities for students outside the classroom. The cooperation between the two sides can establish the student practice base, but not in practice, to further enhance mutual understanding and further communication, find and solve problems in practice, to achieve mutual promotion and complementary effect, the cooperation to deeper and further promote the field.
Next, Mr. Lu Ning, general manager of the Oriental micro silver speech. She first expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to establish a partnership with the school of statistics and mathematics at Central University of Finance and Economics. I feel the academic atmosphere of the college and relive the wonderful memories of the university.
She pointed out that Central University of Finance and Economics in the field of Taxation and quantitative analysis has an authoritative discipline advantage, the Institute of statistics, mathematics and other fields of outstanding students is the urgent need for professional development of the company. Oriental micro silver requires professional talents, including statistics, mathematics, finance and other fields of outstanding students. She focuses on the growth of micro silver from small to large, and analyzes the company's comparative advantages and future direction of development. She was introduced to the East micro silver company is a new method with financial technology services in the financial markets, innovation is the foundation of the company's growth, but also grow more blood, hope college professional advantage can be helpful in the company's business development. Facing the scene on behalf of the students, she issued a sincere invitation, hope that through the practice base of the platform, there will be more and more college students came to the company to the company's development and practice that can help students better adapt to the future development of society.
Finally, Li Quanmin teacher summed up, she to the East micro product development department director Wang Dongying Ms. silver company in promoting exchanges and cooperation in college and the company's efforts to express thanks, that this cooperation is the effective supplement of college teaching work, the students as an important part of the system, to provide theory and practice more the combination of opportunities for students, will also play an effective boost to Promote College Discipline Construction and personnel training, we also believe that with cooperation, school teachers and students will also practice for Oriental micro silver company development to provide more support, more hope that the students can use and cherish the opportunity to practice out of school good professional training, basic skills.