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Speech by Dean Yin Xianjun at the 2017 graduation ceremony of the school of statistics and Mathematics


Dear graduates, parents, colleagues, dear all graduates of the 2017 class:
Today is the graduation ceremony of the 2017 graduate of the school of statistics and mathematics. I am excited and happy to be the leader and teacher of the college. First of all, on behalf of all faculty and other students, I would like to extend my warm congratulations to the 2017 graduates. Congratulations on your complete study and the new journey of life.
Through the graduation ceremony of this opportunity, I would first like to thank the 2017 classmates, are you in a few years ago with the number of college, the number of school choice trust as the draw and the growing course of college knowledge of nutrition in the gas station, and in your learning process and, with a common fate the construction of college development, concern, therefore established a profound emotion between teachers and students, students love, get all the achievements for college honour.
Second, to thank you for your dear parents, you cooperate closely with, timely communication, help children solve the problem in the process of growing confusion and demand; I also thank our teachers for your dedication, noble morality, superb research and teaching level, both for the students spread also set up the knowledge, respect for Science, honesty and dedication for students; I would also like to thank our hospital administrative team is your efficient management and enthusiastic service, provide reliable logistical support for our teachers' teaching; I would like to thank the Secretary Li in two led by the teacher, counselor, Party committee, branch and industry team, and your classmates often together, to understand and help students in all aspects of learning, life and emotion. They help them solve their problems and enable them to concentrate on their studies and grow as quickly as possible. It can be said that Institute of statistics is a large family, members of each do their job, and outstanding completion of their role to undertake the task, so that I graduated from the hospital 2017 graduates today such achievements.
The 2017 session of the graduates is the protagonist of today, you still have a leading role is the new party, I see your face and shy demeanor, we have to worry about, whether you can realize the goal of training the number of school for you to develop elite talents. Today through your efforts and the number of family members, help and support, you realize the training objectives of each level, you never know how to limit theory for a given epsilon delta to find the control measure and Lebesgue integral, ODE and PDE, from the coin appears to understand the risk probability of the multivariate statistical analysis is the opposite, from the only people read the article to write their own qualified master thesis, from the subject to write with envy Daniel innovation, frontier exploration, is located in the data hidden in the secret in the doctoral thesis, you can be proud to say: your success!
However, today is another beginning of the journey, you may have some people to further their studies, and some may go to the community, choose employment, for this reason, as a person who wants to speak to the graduates a few remarks.
First, we must continue to learn, and constantly make progress, and progress
In the exchange of information more and more direct, more quickly, more and more interdisciplinary era, no matter where you are, to which the stage, will feel the pressure of learning knowledge is not enough, some knowledge of books to school, so we should seize every opportunity to learn, to enrich themselves, learn from the books to the teacher, learning, and learning to the students, to social learning, so you will not be abandoned by society.
Two, have a broad mind and a high sense of responsibility
Since you left your class, you will face a lot of need to make independent decisions, we should have a broad mind, sometimes do not care about the size of the delta epsilon, gains and losses, to think of N, and even infinite, many factors are related, not because of 1, 2 of the sample making statistical decision to have a Thanksgiving heart, grateful to help us to have a high sense of responsibility, responsible for their own, responsible for family, responsible for the society.
Three, to have an optimistic personality, a healthy body
It can be expected that in your life will encounter some difficulties and setbacks, we can't walk around, to go upstream, to the right to face, actively looking for solutions, pay attention to work and rest, maintain a healthy body, as the saying goes, the body is the capital of revolution, it is a lot of 0 before 1.
We must remember each youth melody, each sunlight smiling face, because this all will change in our life, will wield a wave of hand, but cannot say goodbye, passes away all is kind and far away. In the moment of separation, a treasure, send full wish.
When you are successful, or when you are in trouble, when you are in high spirits, or you may feel tired when you work, don't forget that you have a family college that has been thinking of you all the time.
Finally I wish 2017 graduate students: academic work smoothly, make still further progress further, the blossom of sesame, a happy family life, promising.