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Don't forget the heart, temper forward -- statistics and Mathematics Institute Party committee won the series of honors


In June 29th, in Beijing to commemorate the 96th anniversary awards ceremony was held in Beijing City Convention Center, the CPC Working Committee of Beijing municipal education were commended in 2017 selected by the Beijing College of advanced grass-roots party organizations, Party committee of our hospital won the "University of Beijing city of advanced grass-roots party organizations", highlighting the outstanding performance in the work of grass-roots party organization in our hospital in recent years.

Li Yan, Secretary of the Party committee of our hospital, took photos with our participants

The CPC Beijing Municipal Education Committee, education committee secretary Lin Keqing attended the meeting and delivered a speech, the municipal Party committee deputy secretary of education Jichun Zheng presided over the meeting, my teacher hospital party secretary Li Yan attended the meeting. The meeting, Secretary Lin Keqing called on the Beijing University of Party organizations at all levels to the winners as an example, further emancipate the mind, forge ahead, work hard, overcome difficulties, to comprehensively promote the reform and development of colleges and universities in Beijing. At the same time, Lin secretary at the meeting to convey the spirit of the twelfth Party Congress of Beijing City, he pointed out that the party organizations at all levels in the primary task of the next period of time is to do the two, carry out an implementation, new ideas, new ideas, new strategies that in-depth study of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech and governing the country; carry out in-depth study the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping visited Beijing two times; grasp the Party of the twelve Party Congress spirit of learning, advocacy and implementation, to meet the outstanding achievements of the party's nineteen big victory held.
In addition, the school Party committee selected our hospital statistics department of the Party branch of our school was awarded the advanced Party branch of our title, 2015, 2016 undergraduates with advanced Party branch school student Party branch won the title, comrade Yin Xianjun won the school outstanding faculty member, 2013 graduate Wang Xinghao, the study of 2014 academic master Xiao Jianing won the school outstanding student member.
In recent years, I always adhere to the "hospital party around the guiding ideology of the party building in the center, personnel training, teachers' development and discipline construction has taken a solid pace, made a series of fruitful results. I will not forget the beginning of the heart of the party, temper forward, continuously improve the scientific level of Party building work, continue to strengthen party building, to protect the rapid development of the college.