About SAM

School of Statistics and Mathematics was established in 2013 from the merger of former School of Statistics and School of Applied Mathematics. However, the history of the disciplines of statistics and mathematics in CUFE can be dated up to 1951. The discipline of statistics in CUFE ranked No. 11 among the universities of China in the evaluation by the Ministry of Education in 2012.

School of Statistics and Mathematics has five departments/institutes focusing on mathematical statistics, applied statistics, applied mathematics, operations research and computational science, and quantitative economics, respectively. There are also two research centers in the school, i.e. the research center for Economic Data, the research center for Statistics and Market Survey.


At present, we have 4 undergraduate programs, including Economic Statistics, Statistics, Applied Statistics, and Financial Mathematics. We have 5 Master and Ph.D. programs focusing on Economic Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, Financial Statistics and Risk Management, Applied Statistics, and Quantitative Economics respectively. We also have a Master program of Master of Applied Statistics (M.A.S.).


At present the school has a faculty of 71 members, including 11 professors, 29 associate professors and 31 lecturers. From 2013, professor Rong Chen from Rutgers University worked here as Cheung Kong Scholars sponsored by the Ministry of Education.

More than 80% of the faculty members have Ph.D. degree and 28 teachers have experiences of overseas study. All of them were graduated from famous research institutions and universities of China, or foreign universities. For example, ten of them were graduated from CASS, seven of them were graduated from Peking University, seven of them were graduated from Renmin University of China, six of them were graduated from Beijing Normal University. There are also some teachers graduated from Tsinghua University, Nankai University, Jilin University and Shandong University.

Research interests of the faculty members include macroeconomic statistics, input-output analysis, national accounting, financial econometrics, risk management, complex data analysis, nonparametric statistics, semi parametric statistics, statistical learning, reliability statistics, high-dimensional data analysis, complex social network analysis, differential equation, stochastic analysis and stochastic process, finite element analysis, stochastic partial differential equations, nonlinear analysis, geometric analysis, nonlinear dynamics, numerical calculation, power system, harmonic analysis, management and optimization control theory, and so on.

Our faculty members have undertaken many research projects sponsored by the National Social Science Fund, the National Natural Science Fund, funds from the Ministry of Education and other government organizations, and funds from international organization, etc. Some faculty members also hold important positions in national academic organizations, such as the National Statistical Society of China, Chinese Input-Output Association, China National Conditions Research Association, and so on.


Currently there are 637 students in our school. Among these students, 468 are undergraduates, 169 are graduates and Ph. D. candidates.