Applied Mathematics
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The department bears the burden of the applied mathematics undergraduate program construction and talents cultivation, takes part in the application for graduate and doctoral program and also the cultivation of graduate. 

Courses required for this major include Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Space Analytic Geometry, Functions of Real Variables, Functions of Complex  Variables, Differential Equations, Economical Cybernetics, Mathematical Modeling, Mathematical Software, Mathematical Experiment, Finance Mathematics, Mathematical Culture, Specialty English, etc.. The department has also been on the mission to construct and teach the general mathematics of CUFE.

Teachers in the department conduct their research mainly on the ordinary and Partial differential equation theory and application, stochastic process and stochastic differential equation, dynamical system theory and application, complex network application and control, combinatorics��wavelet theory, history and culture of mathematics, finance mathematics, mathematical modeling and so on.

There are 26 teachers in the department, including 3 professors, 12 associate professors and 11 assistant professors.