Institute of Quantative Economics
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The Institute of Quantitative Economics takes charge of the talents cultivation of graduate and doctoral programs in major of quantitative economics and partially of the professional graduate program in major of applied statistics. 

The Institute offers basic courses such as Econometrics and Time Series Analysis to the undergraduate of the entire university. In addition, there are a sequence of advanced courses for the undergraduate in major of econometrics, economic statistics, financial statistics & risk management and the graduate of related majors, including Advanced Econometrics , Time Series Analysis , Macro-economic Model , Financial Econometrics , Mathematical Economics , Frontier of Econometrics, Input-Output Analysis.

As for the scientific research, our teachers are mainly engaged in econometric theory & applications and mathematical economic analysis. The specific research interests include econometric theory, complex time series analysis method, long memory time series theory, stationary time series, the financial markets, nonlinear macro econometric analysis fiscal and monetary policy, macro-econometric model, mathematical economic analysis , input-output analysis, etc.

There are currently 10 full time teachers, including 3 professors, 5 associate professors and 2 lecturers.